Friday, October 3, 2008

Off to East Tennessyria

We are travelling to Knoxville this evening for the ACCA's annual clergy convocation. On Saturday, the clergy will meet for the day. On Sunday, at Qurbana, Chorepiscopus (Archpriest) Andreas Richard Turner, Chancellor and Vicar-General, will be consecrated to the episcopate as a suffragan to the Metran, or Archbishop, Victor Mar Michael Herron (Avva Andreas will be, God willing, made a bishop, unless he decides to run away, something he has threatened; in that case, we will go find him and drag him to the altar in chains, like the Copts have been known to do). Please keep us in your prayers.


Don said...

I trust your visit to East Tennessee is a good one. I live just a few kilometres down the road from Knoxville.

You remarks re your bishop remind me of an article many years ago by the computer writer John Dvorak re a computer user's group in Knoxville. He arrives to discover that all of the officers in the group were drafted for their positions. He found that no one in the Volunteer State volunteered for anything! My experience confirms that. So drastic measures may be necessary! LOL

FrGregACCA said...

LOL. Well, in the end, chains were not required, and Andreas Mar Cassian was indeed consecrated. The liturgy Sunday capped a glorious weekend. Since you're so close, Don, you should drop in at St. Demetrios sometime. Liturgy is at 5:30 PM Sunday evenings.