Monday, May 9, 2011

An Update on the ACCA's Financial Situation in Knoxville.

I posted the following a couple of weeks ago:

An Urgent Message from ACCA Bishop Victor Mar Michael

Mar Michael now writes that enough money has been raised over the last two weeks to resolve the immediate crisis, as outlined in the previous post. For this we are all grateful to God and to all how helped.

However, he also writes that he, Avva Zakkai, Sister Miriam, and the St. Demetrios parish community are looking for a more affordable alternative with regard to a venue for worship and service. However, given the relative little that they are currently paying, it is hard to envision such an alternative, at least one that would allow for 24/7 access and use.

They could probably once again return to using the sanctuary of another congregation for weekly worship, but that would mean only having access to that space for a couple of hours on Sunday and it would make continuing the ministry to the homeless extremely difficult if not impossible.

If you gave, thank you. If you can, please contact Mar Michael at the E-mail address below and pledge your ongoing support. Even few dollars a month, each and every month, would make a significant difference. Thanks.

Mar Michael's E-mail address is: mar[dot]michael[at]juno[dot]com

Checks may also be sent to the following address, made payable to the St. Demetrios or the ACCA.

Victor Mar Michael, Senior Pastor
St Demetrios Antiochian Catholic Church
2001 Middlebrook Pike
Knoxville, TN 37921

Off to Chicago

Well, it seems like just yesterday in some ways. In the Summer of 2008, Susan and I packed a rented van to the gills and hauled younger daughter Cary off to Loyola University of the Windy City. I mentioned this in passing before we left, here, sort of like I am doing now.

Anyway, it is almost three years later, and wouldn't you know it, once again as we prepare for a 2,000 mile road trip, gas prices have increased drastically. Murphy was a very wise man.

But anyway, Cary is now graduating with a GPA just a tick or two below 4.0. So congratulations, girl! Can't wait to see you in Chicago!