Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Convocation: More Pictures...

Just before the beginning of Qurbana, Mar Michael (center) addresses the Assembly. Standing, from the left: Deacons Sister Jackie and Mother Shirley, Yours Truly, Mar Michael, Avva Zakkai, and Amma Caitlin.

Sister-Deacon Jackie censes the gifts during the Great Entrance

Mar Michael chrismates (confirms) Parasceve Cheryl, assisted by Avva Zakkai

Sister Luke Panteleimon is tonsured a Reader. Avva Andreas, soon to be made Andreas Mar Cassian, assists Mar Michael

Reader Sister Miriam Victoria is presented for ordination to the Sub-diaconate by the Deacons Mother Shirley and Sister Jackie, along with Sub-Deacon Yeremyah


Abu Daoud said...

Really interesting to get a little glimpse into vagante Orthodoxy in the US (and I don't say that in a snobbish way). Thank you. Do you all have any traditional church buildings, or mostly meet in homes and commercial spaces?


FrGregACCA said...

No offense taken, AD, and you're welcome. As my blog title indicates, I embrace "vagante". In my view, it's simply a synonym for "pilgrim" or, alternatively an allusion to "all who wander are not lost". St. Demetrios actually IS a traditional church building. For many years, it housed a small Baptist congregation. (When we began renting it, four years ago, it had being used as a warehouse.) As for the rest of us, we have two chapels/oratories in the homes of clergy, myself included, and two ministries which have separate buildings on the residential properties of their respective clergy.