Saturday, October 25, 2008

Election '08: What hath Washington to do with Jerusalem (or Constantinople)?

From John Allen (not my brother-in-law) at the National Catholic Reporter:

"Serious Catholics wind up 'politically homeless" in America"

On a purely practical level, Allen may be right about the need to "hijack" one of the major parties, but I have long thought that the U.S. needs a viable "Christian Social Democratic Party" precisely because of this situation. Allen is certainly right when he opines that the various factions in the American RCC need to be talking with each other as well as with others, such as Orthodox Christians.

And from Fr. Jonathan Tobias, a Byzantine Orthodox priest:

"Endorsement, and a Platform, for 2008"

which contains no endorsement, but does contain a great deal of good information as well as Fr. Jonathan's usual incisive and insightful commentary.

And, somewhat relatedly, Fr. Stephen (and the Ecumenical Patriarch) on creation:

"When Creation Speaks"

Underlying any authentic Christian approach to the environment is a recognition of the latter's sacramentality, potential and actual.


Anonymous said...

Not a bad idea.
But why, pray tell, must it be "The Christian SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC Party"?

Why not just The Christian Party?


Mother +C.

FrGregACCA said...

Because "social democratic" is a very accurate way of describing authentically Christian political and economic principles. Another term that applies, and shows up frequently, especially in Roman Catholic social teaching, is "common good". I suggest you read the relevant portions of the new RC catechism on these points.