Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 23: St. James of Jerusalem

I was, uh, kind of busy yesterday (Friday, October 23), but I had to note this as soon as possible. Yesterday, the ACCA commemorated St. James of Jerusalem, the "brother" of the Lord, and the first bishop, after the Apostles of Jerusalem. Also known as "St. James the Just," he is believed to be the author of the New Testament Epistle of James, and the authorship of the "Liturgy of St. James" is attributed to him. (No, he had nothing to do with the production of the "KING James Bible.")

According to Eusebius, James the Just was martyred in Jerusalem a few years prior to the destruction of the Temple in AD 70. According to both St. Paul and Eusebius, James was privileged to encounter the Risen Lord after the Resurrection.

St. James' Day is also the day upon which the ACCA was granted to autocephalous status. The year was 1991. Thus, as of yesterday, the ACCA has existed as an independent jurisdiction for 18 years.

A note of thanks and request for continued prayers

As I write this, I am lying in a hospital bed, having been admitted early yesterday morning due to having experienced a heart attack, my second. Fortunately, it appears that little damage has been done and I anticipate having a ROUTINE (as opposed to emergency) cardiac catheterization procedure on Monday. Thanks to all who are praying or are otherwise expressing their love and concern for me and my family. Please continue the prayers!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

To correct some genealogical misinformation

In looking for something else (ain't that always the case), I have discovered a truly bizarre mistake concerning my genealogy, published several places on the Internet. I am posting the following here in order to correct this mistake.

To wit:

My father was Rex Ralston Blevins. My mother, his wife, was named Attie Marguerite Blevins (her maiden name was, in fact, Blevins as well).

Maud Godsey, or Maude Godsey, was Rex's MOTHER, not his wife. Maud, therefore, was my maternal grandmother.


Monday, October 19, 2009

A Long-Delayed Post: Ordinations to the Priesthood

This post has been a long time in coming, since the end of May, in fact. It was delayed by my not being able to obtain pictures of the event. Well, the ACCA had its annual clergy convocation at the end of September, and I was finally able to the required shots. (As soon as I get pictures from convocation, I will post them as well.)

Back in May, the Cloistered Heart Myrrh-bearers Sisterhood and the associated Cloistered Heart God-bearers Brotherhood held an annual retreat. At that event, on Sunday, May 17, 2009, Mother Shirley Raper and Mother Jacqueline Dierring, both of the Sisterhood and veteran Deacons, were ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Victor Mar Michael Herron, Metran of the ACCA.

During the course of the Qurbana, after the Invocation of the Holy Spirit over the gifts consecrating them the Body and Blood of Christ, Mar Michael offers the Prayer for the ordination of priests. Avva Zakkai Patrick Pardee, Pastor of St. Demetrios in Knoxville, assists Mar Michael as Archdeacon.

Mar Michael lays hands on the ordinands, pronouncing the words of ordination. Avva Zakkai and Mar Michael then vest the new priests. First, Mother Shirley:

And then, Mother Jackie:
The Qurbana then continues. Mar Michael presides from the chair while Avva Zakkai and the new priests serve at the altar. Below, the three priests elevate the Holy Gifts: Together, they proclaim: "The Holy Mysteries are for the Holy!" The congregation responds: "One Holy Father, One Holy Son, One Holy Spirit, Who are One. Amen."

Mother Shirley is Priest-in-Charge of Holy Adoration Chapel, Sparta, Tennessee. Mother Jackie is Priest-in-Charge of Holy Trinity Chapel, Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Axios, Axios, Axios!

Many years!