Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free Will Baptist Youth Feeding Homeless Folks at St. Dee's

The pro-cathedral parish of the ACCA, St. Demetrios, Knoxville has long had a good relationship with another nearby East Tennessee congregation, Forest Grove Free Will Baptist Church. This is largely due to the fact that Avva Zakkai, priest at St. Dee's, was once heavily involved with Forest Grove and has maintained close ties. When St. Demetrios moved into its current building, back in early 2004, Forest Grove donated many items, including chairs, folding tables, and a pulpit. One of Avva Zakkai's friends at Forest Grove, Chad Huskey, often attends Qurbana at St. Demetrios and others from Forest Grove do as well. Chad is responsible for the St. Demetrios MySpace page, linked above and on the right. Chad works with the older youth at Forest Grove. The slideshow above depicts Forest Grove youth (and adults) preparing a meal, taking it to St. Demetrios, and serving it to homeless people. Way to go, guys! God bless you!

Oh, BTW, now that I know that I can successfully embed stuff from YouTube: Watch out, y'all!

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