Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tagged by a Meme

Arturo's tagged me with a meme, my response to which is as follows:

The Rules:
a) The rules of the game are posted at the beginning
b) The blogger who gets tagged must answer the following questions about himself
c) After this has been accomplished, the blogger tags five more to answer the meme, and leaves a comment at their blog to answer it

1) What I was doing ten years ago:
A) Being a priest;
B) Running a medical transcription business with my wife;
C) Raising two teenaged daughters;
D) Living in a ramshackle antebellum plantation house that had been built with slave labor.
(Thirty years ago, to quote Arturo, I too was “agitating for social unrest leading up to and including worldwide socialist revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie”.)

2) Five things on my to-do list:
2-1) Figure out how my younger daughter can come up with the money she needs to continue her education;
2-2) Go visit my wife’s elderly aunt;
2-3) Win Powerball (see above and below);
2-4) Get the fuel injectors on our car replaced (also a money problem);
2-5) Decide, with my wife, what the next step in our lives is going to be, possibly opening a chapel and book-and-ikon/coffee shop in Gatlinburg, Tennessee area.

3) Things I would do if I were a billionaire: Pay off outstanding debts; Set up a family trust; Fully fund my Church’s ministries and clergy; Fully fund my younger daughter’s education; Fully fund my elder daughter’s education and/or business aspirations; Create an intentional, residential Christian community combining a full cycle of daily liturgical services with self-sufficient living and responsible environmental stewardship; Donate to a variety of worthwhile projects, churches, and other institutions.

4) Three bad habits:
4-1) Smoking cigarettes and occasionally, (high quality) cigars or a pipe;
4-2) Salty language;
4-3) Watching late-night television (Letterman, Leno, Ferguson, Charlie Rose).

5) Five places I have visited:
5-1) Washington DC;
5-2) Decatur NE;
5-3) Jacksonville/St. Augustine FL;
5-4) Anderson IN;
5-5) Regina SK, Canada.

6) Five jobs I’ve had:
6-1) Various on-air radio jobs, including disk jockey and news reporter/anchor;
6-2) Emergency Room Hospital Corpsman in the Navy;
6-3) Security Guard;
6-4) Medical Transcription manager/account executive;
6-5) Psychiatric Technician.

7) Five snacks I enjoy:
7-1) Mixed nuts with less than 50% peanuts;
7-2) Sherbet, especially orange or lime;
7-3) Deli meats;
7-4)Deli cheese, especially Swiss;
7-5) Teriyaki wings.
(I am also a great fan of salads.)

8) Five places I’ve lived:
8-1) Scobey, Montana (Google it or look it up in Wikipedia);
8-2) Milwaukee, Wisconsin (like the late Tom Snyder, I am a Marquette University drop-out);
8-3) Racine, Wisconsin;
8-4) Lexington, Kentucky (as a seminary student);
8-5) Knoxville, Tennessee.

I tag the following:

1) Fr. Tim at Timotheos Prologizes.
2) Jandy at Just Genesis.
3) Pastor Todd Wood at Heart Issues for LDS.
4) Fr. Rob at Stellar Cross.
5) Fr. Peter-Michael at Monasticism.

Sorry, y'all.


Alice C. Linsley said...

Hah! And I've tagged 5 more. What fun!


Anonymous said...

I got tagged but don't even remember 5 years ago.