Friday, April 25, 2008

Agreed Statements on Christology: For Fr. Robert primarily

I am linking the following primarily for Fr. Robert, aka "Irish Anglican", a commenter on Fr. Stephen's blog.

Agreed Statements between Representatives of the Oriental Orthodox and Byzantine Orthodox Communions


Orthodox Unity


Anonymous said...

Thanks Fr. Greg for this. I am not certain what to think? I know some Orthodox on both sides of this fence. I am Chalcedonian myself, but I can at least see the argument from the other side. It would be left an open question and mystery to me. But I am not in the higher powers really. For what its worth, I have eight years on you! lol 58! Just an Irishman, and former Royal Marine! But a lowly churchman now, with the experience of Augustinian conversion!

FrGregACCA said...

You're welcome, Father. Personally, I don't see this question as being one that is properly "communion-dividing," although clearly it historically has been. I think it is primarily a matter of "spin," and for me, comes down to the following:

"I don't want Jesus to be human like me: I want to be human like Jesus."

It is also interesting, I think, that the late Fr. John Meyendorf, of Fr. Stephen's Orthodox Church in America, once described the Byzantine Orthodox Churches as "crypto-monophysite". However, I suspect that the people who e-mailed would probably regard Fr. Meyendorf as "modernist" if not "ecumenist".

As to your last statement, a dramatic conversion experience does not prove that grace is irresistible!

Anonymous said...

Fr. Greg,
Thanks again for these sites and much better explanation (from the horse's mouth), rather than my feeble effort. There are so many that need to read these! But what can ya say? The beauty of an open and thinking mind is itself a grace. I would love to stay in touch. I see a profound spirit-soul and Man of God in you..thank You!
As to my evangelical conversion, all I can say is that "day" I was passive in the hands and power of my God! I have had up's and down's since believe me! The fact that I am dialoging is not so much me, but the new nature in me, persuading and pressing me to think, hope and pray. Prevenient grace?

PS We perhaps can have some e-mail contact?

FrGregACCA said...

Feel free to E-mail me.


Anonymous said...

To be honest, I have been reading and thinking hard about the St. Cyril's statements for almost several months now. And the Miaphysite position seems very appealing...being a "one composite (synthetos) hypostasis etc." You know it better than I! I just need time to think and pray. As I said, it is a mystery we need to allow, etc. FROM two natures seems profound also! Who really can plumb this great mystery and truth? Somehow perhaps after the union incarnate, the Word is better inclined to replace any mere rational soul alone, and forms but one nature with the body in divine-human hypostatic union? Am on on or off track here? As to St. Cyril?