Monday, January 4, 2010

The Prophets of old continue to speak...

"Bourgeois Life and the Orthodox Mind: The Importance of the Prophets"

"The institutions of bourgeois capitalism are incompatible, at their root, with the life of Orthodox Christianity."


"In sum, the modern world is based on the essence of Baalism: the belief in epistemological nominalism, the manipulation of natural forces for personal gain (which, it might be added, includes both magic and science), the justification of radical class stratification, legalism and litigiousness, ecumenical religion, individualism (the necessary consequence of nominalism), “republican government,” centralization of political and financial power, the continued sacrifice of lives in the name of “progress,” the fetishization of commodities, deceit, secret societies, moral compartmentalization and luxury. This is the Enlightenment at its essence, which means it was merely a “renaissance” of ancient fertility paganism, though fetishized as progress and/or science."

and, from the Fathers:

"The Church Fathers on wealth, poverty, social justice, charity, and communitarianism"

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+Clement said...

Most interesting!

And I actually do not disagree.

My contention is with those who actively enlist and employ the coercive powers of government or the state to force people to be charitable.

To deliberately vote people into public/political office (especially those who, either through their own admission or public record, demonstrate immorality or the advocacy of immoral policies) with the agenda of creating legislation that effectively takes from one and gives to another is not a proper Christian action or response.

It does not achieve charity, it justifies thievery.

True charity is given by free choice not by coercion.

Should we clergy teach, exhort and encourage charitable giving?
Of course!
Do we have the responsibility of setting the example?
This is what the Fathers did.

Beyond that is to cast oneself into the arena - and there be lions there.