Monday, June 22, 2009

"We done the Deed"

Andrew and Nicole are now husband and wife. Many years! to them, to her two daughters, and to their families and friends.

No pictures yet.

But the two original copies of the marriage license have been dropped in the mail, all properly signed by the bride, groom, two witnesses, and yours truly, sent to the Office of the Register of DEEDS, Mecklenburg County, South Carolina.

The venue was a B and B on Lake Wylie. An open air gazebo served as the bema. One notable moment, of which I was not even aware at the time, was when the ring bearer, a very active 5-year-old boy, fell off the gazebo. I was wondering why the bride and her attendants all began giggling.

In a possible first in the history of Christian weddings, while the bride and groom spent their wedding night in the "Juliet Suite", Khouria and I slept in the "Alexandria Room", the only overnight guests in the B and B. In the morning, the four of us shared breakfast, and then joined her extended family for lunch and a celebration of Fathers' Day, Andrew's first in his new role as stepfather. In a last minute addition to the ceremony, after Andrew and Nicole exchanged rings in the Betrothal, Andrew gave each of Nicole's two daughters a ring as well, repeating the words he had just said to Nicole: "Thus do I pledge thee my life forever."

All in all, this celebration, which included about 60 guests, was a fitting way for Andrew and Nicole to enter into the communion of marriage. God is good!

Also, Sunday, Fathers' Day, was the 20th Wedding Anniversary of Andreas Mar Cassian and Amma Caitlin Turner. Many years! to them and theirs as well.


Anonymous said...

Fr Gregory,

Again, Beautiful Service. I am so happy even though it was not in the edifice of the church, thankfully you preserved the Holiness of the ceremony. May you and you and your wife Susan be Blessed Always!

With God's Love,
Myles Miller

FrGregACCA said...

Thanks, Myles! Good to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

Fr. Gregory,

You are so Welcome!!!

God Bless You and Your family!

With God's Love,

Joe Heschmeyer said...

I found your blog via your comment on Mark Shea's site. And you comment "Khouria and I slept in the "Alexandria Room" was much more shocking before I remembered you're not Latin Rite. :-)

Pax Christi!