Monday, July 28, 2008

Terry Mattingly on preaching to the choir

Or, more exactly, Terry Mattingly on Fr. John F. Kavanaugh on preaching to the choir.

"Preaching to a tempting choir"

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Mother Clement said...

This is something I feel very strongly about.

I have never believed that the pulpit should be used for social and/or political commentary.
Although some do so (by way of clever analogy) tastefully, they still end up crossing that 'entertainment' threshold evidenced by applause after every point.

This is why I believe the use of a structured lectionary is so vital and beneficial since it leaves little maneuvering room for personal opinion on the part of the preacher.

My step-father has often commented that he doesn't feel like he's been to church unless he gets his toes stepped on during the homily.
And while I try to accomodate him wherever I can, (o;
I think it most important to remember that we are to be the voice of the Word empowered by the Spirit and using the words of the Fathers can be just as effective now as they were back then.

Thanks for sharing this.