Monday, May 19, 2008

Trinity Sunday - West

The Western Churches celebrated Trinity Sunday yesterday. Coming a week after Pentecost on the Western calendar, this feast honors a central dogma of all authentic Christian faith, that of the Holy Trinity, which teaches us that the one, eternal, transcendent God is, in fact, a community, a communion, of three co-equal, co-eternal Persons: the Father, the Eternal Son and Word, and the Holy Spirit.

There is much to be said here, especially now, concerning the implications of a communitarian God in whose image and likeness humanity is created and, in the Incarnation of God the Eternal Word and Son, re-created. However, at this time I will simply note two aphorisms:

“Christian social teaching IS the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.”


“Between the Holy Trinity and hell there lies no third choice.”

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son+, and to the Holy Spirit, One God:
In both worlds unto the Aeon of aeons. Amen

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