Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy Saturday - 2008

Khouria Susan and I spent much of this past week - Holy Week - in Knoxville, where I assisted my colleague and friend, Chorepiscopus Andreas Richard Turner, in presenting several sessions appropriate to the training of deacons, prospective deacons, and laypersons in our holy faith. We have been doing this during Holy Week for several years now. I will post about this in the coming weeks, and I will post material appropriate to Pascha as well, probably tomorrow evening, or maybe early tomorrow morning. I also want to thank Victor Mar Michael, our bishop, for giving us this opportunity, as well as Fr. Zakkai, Deacon Micah, Mother Caitlin, and Subdeacon Jeremiah for their assistance. Thanks also to all who participated, especially Mother Shirley and the Sisters of the Holy Myrrhbearing Women.

In the meantime, OCA priest Fr. Stephen Freeman has been posting material relevant to Holy Week and the Paschal triduum, even though the Byzantine Orthodox Churches have only recently begun Lent and will not celebrate Pascha this year until April 27. Thank you, Father. I will try to return the favor when the time comes. Here is Fr. Stephen's post for those of us who observe Holy Saturday - the Sabbath of sabbaths - today:

He burst the yawning gates of hell

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